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Born in 1961, Barry gains his inspiration from his surroundings where he lives in the Chilterns.  He is principally interested in the countryside and coast in all its variety, moods and seasons. His aim is to produce work that is fresh and has elements of abstraction while remaining representational. 


His palette makes use of bold colour highlights and he works mainly in Artisan oils using a painting knife to create distinctive hard-edged marks. Often colours are mixed on the board, creating an interesting surface of thick, textured paint.


The scale of Barry’s work has been small in the past, but after frequent requests for him to produce larger works, his work is beginning to expand not just in subject matter, but in size. The pieces are changing and adapting with this process. The beauty of his works is in the different approach he takes to his subject matter - you need to stand back a little to appreciate them at their best, but on close examination, you can see how his work is leaning towards the abstracted. Barry’s bluebell woods are particularly popular at the gallery in Great Missenden, as they are so evocative.


Barry enjoys travel and has visited many countries, touring, sketching outdoors, and gathering reference material. He has walked across England and produced and illustrated a travel diary of the walk, which was sold in aid of charity.


His work is in collections in Singapore, London and New York where he has sold to a prominent gallery owner on 5th Avenue, among others. He has been with Carina Haslam Gallery since 2016. He has had successful shows in London, New York and Singapore.

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