Clare works in clay and bronze to produce figurative sculptures full of earthy, aesthetic appeal that are influenced by her own poetic imaginings and the process of sculpting itself. Her robust, free-standing postures are influenced by a longing to set free the power and beauty of the human spirit. Giving attention to the rhythms of volume and space, she experiments with smooth surfaces to create fluid sculptures with unbroken, sensual lines, that speak of fragility and strength in equal measure.


Clare’s work draws upon a wealth of sources from her literary background. As a writer of poetry she is able to immerse herself in the emotional narrative of her characters as they become born out of clay. Her technique of layering the clay with fast, bold gestures enables her to capture the movement and mood of each emerging piece quickly, translating unconscious thought and imagination into sculpture.


Artist statement “Clay is incredibly exciting to work with. It has a language of its own. I’ll pick up the clay, focus on the pose and things start flowing. I’ll get consumed by this intense creative surge and simply can’t stop until the vision I have emerges."