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Elsa’s studio is in an old Smithy at her Cotswold cottage. It is a perfect setting to work in. She likes to think of it as having been a working place for many years before she was there. Her art training came from her studies with Robin Child in the early 80's at the Lydgate Art Research Centre in Wiltshire and more recently in Devon - she goes back for refresher courses every year. He is a continuing source of inspiration and informs her work both consciously and subconsciously. His current lectures continue this visionary approach.


She usually begins working from a drawing, sometimes a quick scribble of a subject that has captured her imagination... or a memory of a landscape or a glimpse from a train window... then she attempts to build it into a finished painting.


Many artists have influenced her work thanks to Robin and his extraordinary insight. From Cezanne to Giorgio Morandi, Nicholas de Stael and Richard Diebenkorn... she observes and tries to learn from the lessons that they reveal.


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