Jane Hooper



Jane Hooper was born in 1968 and is a Buckinghamshire based artist with a deceptively simple and rustic style. In her own words: “I love painting still life and portraits. I choose everyday objects and friends and family to paint. I work in oils, trying to give my work texture and movement by layering the paint thickly and working with a limited pallet. - I start off with a layer of paint in one tone, and as I paint over it I let it come through in various different ways - around the subject matter and in small places to add texture.”


Jane has been successfully exhibiting with Carina Haslam Gallery since 2015 - her first painting was sold about 5 minutes after leaving the gallery - and the rest were all sold at the following exhibition.


Her work appeals to a collector interested in her style, and often unusual subjects matters, always a still life, sometimes with unusual subject matters, like toothbrush and toothpaste, or even a kitchen sink… which makes her work very distintive.  Her work has a sense of humour about it, an off beat feel that is unusual and makes it unique work and is beginning to become collectable; her prices are rising to keep up with the demand of her work. 


Jane’s work is collected worldwide - Carina Haslam Gallery has sold out in New York and London in 2019, where there are some avid followers of her work, and it has also sold well in Singapore.


Carina Haslam Gallery 

Panter and Hall, London

Affordable Art Fair Battersea, Singapore and New York

One Church Street Gallery Buckinghamshire

New Greenham Art (portraits)

Mall Gallery (Discerning Eye exhibition)

Aylesbury Museum

Thame Literature Festival

Bucks Open Studios for the past 8 years


Jane is a member of Bucks Art Society