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John O’Connor is an English sculptor specialising in life-size figurative work that incorporates a highly original blend of elegance, spirituality and humour. He began his career in the theming industry for Madame Tussauds, Virgin and Sony, where his interest in sculpture developed. He went on to study Fine Art sculpture at ‘The Sculpture Academy’ – part of The Art Academy in London – where he subsequently was invited to teach.  

John has exhibited with Carina Haslam Art since 2001 throughout the UK, including London Galleries, The Lennox and Smithfield, and at major art fairs including the Affordable Art Fairs in London, Bristol and New York. His work is a prominent feature of many private, corporate and public collections, including most recently at the Financial Services Authority (FSA) London, Columba 1400 Management Centre, Scotland, Hereford Cathedral and The Temple Law Courts on The Strand, London.  

At the 2011 Affordable Art Fair in London, Carina Haslam Art sold the entire edition of his lifesize work ‘Holding on to Nothing’ in the first two days of the fair, and the subsequent edition 'Spring' shown at Hampstead in autumn 2012 also sold out completely. Launched at the 2013 Affordable Art Fair, his latest full-scale pieces, 'Inner Light' and 'Inner Balance', have sold out in the case of 'Inner Light' and sold 10 of 12 in the case of 'Inner Balance'.

John’s work is inspiring and thought-provoking, offering the viewer a gateway into a world of emotions. His figurative work often evokes a tranquil, meditative atmosphere where the viewer is granted a space of self-reflection. By contrast, his animal pieces have a lighter touch, sometimes with a humorous twist, and often demonstrating nuances of human traits and behaviour.



(all with Carina Haslam Art)


        Affordable Art Fair (AAF) London: Battersea and Hampstead
        AAF New York 


        20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art, London 
        AAF London: Battersea and Hampstead
        AAF New York 
        Chelsea Art Fair
        AAF Bristol
        Cambridge City Art Fair


        AAF London: Battersea and Hampstead 

        AAF Bristol
        Chelsea Art Fair 
        20/21 International Art Fair, Royal College of Art
        Cambridge City Art Fair    



        Chelsea Art Fair, London

        Saatchi Gallery, London



        AAF London: Hampstead

        AAF Bristol



        AAF London: Battersea



        The Coach House Gallery, Great Missenden



        The Smithfield Gallery, London 


        The Lennox Gallery, London

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