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Jon Duplock

Leaving the Ganges

Leaving the Ganges

Oil on canvas, 72 x 116cm, £2,300

Blue Diver

Blue Diver

Oil on alu-dibond, 97 x 45cm, £1,800

Morning Dip

Morning Dip

Oil on canvas, 40 x 60cm, £1,300

Jon was born in London in 1976 and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2002.​ Having worked abroad and travelled extensively, treasured memories of foreign places underpin the artwork. Adventures in East African defined his style of figure and landscape oil painting. And, more recently, time spent in Asia and the Med have been equally inspiring. Exploring new places, drawing and taking photos sustains creativity in his painting studio.

“Blue is my current colour of choice. Memories from Bali, Zanzibar, Côte d'Azur, Ionian and Balearic Islands amalgamate and distil alongside time spent on beaches in Devon and Cornwall. My most recent 2022 reconnaissance trip was spent in Venice Beach, LA. New paintings will seek to explore the vibrancy of LA beach culture and social body language in the zone where land meets sea.” 



30th June – 2nd September 2022  Beach Series. Russell Gallery, London

7-11 March 2018  Indian Paintings. Affordable Art Fair, London 

7th December – 14th May 2016  Solo show; New Paintings. The Heyward Building, Marlborough

6th November – 2nd December 2014  Indian & Maasai Paintings. Mount House, Marlborough  

23-26 October 2013  Indian & Maasai Paintings. Affordable Art Fair, London  

18th October 2012  Indian & Maasai Paintings. 2012 CHASE Group Exhibition, RCA, London  

4th July – September 2012  Maasai Paintings. Russell Gallery, London  

17-26 July 2012  Solo show; Indian Paintings. The Nehru Centre. The High Commission of India, London  

24th November – 29th January 2012  Maasai Paintings. Russell Gallery, London   

19-20 October 2011  Maasai Paintings. Art For Youth London, RCA, London 

4th November 2010  Indian Paintings. CHASE Tenth Anniversary, RCA, London  

4-29 August 2010  Maasai Paintings. Thompson's Galleries, London   

23rd July – 11th September 2010  India Paintings. The Brownston Gallery, Devon  

7th June – 18th July 2010  Indian & Maasai Paintings. Sphere Gallery, London   

3rd December – 29th January 2010  Indian & Maasai Paintings. Russell Gallery, London  

31st Oct – 18th November 2010  Maasai Paintings. The Brownston Gallery, Devon     

17th November – 16th January 2010  Indian & Maasai Paintings. Sphere Gallery, London

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