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Juliet Henderson

Fishing for Tadpoles

Fishing for Tadpoles

Oil on board, 48 x 61cm, £800

Surprise Surprise Knitting

Surprise Surprise Knitting

Oil on linen, 70 x 64cm, unframed, £1,500

Single Mother

Single Mother

Oil on linen, 77 x 77cm, unframed, £1,800

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Oil on linen, 106 x 55cm, unframed, £2,200



Oil on linen, 102 x 122cm, unframed, £2,400

In an English Country Garden

In an English Country Garden

SOLD oil on linen, 60 x 60cm, unframed


Though sketching to observe and reflect is a daily practice, Juliet works mainly in oil on canvas. Using the physical resistance and fluidity of the medium she creates a problem-solving process over time. In this, instinct, care, mild obsession, a rejection of the logical world, and a sense of adventure guide her through different iterations of the image to the moment she feels in her gut that the painting has become what it was meant to be. She plays intently and seriously with colour, form, larger and smaller brushstrokes, detail and feeling at each stage of the painting taking shape. With the freedom given by oil to build up thinner of thicker layers of paint one upon the other, or to remove them, each layer contributes to the final sensual and visual depth of the saturated surface.


The imagery in her painting is born from many sources. From the values of sincerity and simplicity she holds close to my heart. From encounters with nature in her rural childhood, and from the ongoing moments and encounters that matter to her. She works to let the child in her decide the shape of people and objects in her work.


Currently based in Oxford, Juliet spent 17 years living and studying in Paris, and was born in rural Buckinghamshire.


Viewer comments on a recent painting: Pandemic Park without Masks


Really love the painting (pandemic park)! Have always loved the colour in your paintings, so entrancing and draws you in dreamlike to the picture. This one another beautiful example of that. It also has (for me) that sort of Seurat-like distance between the figures, psychological, emotional etc. that has also often been an engaging characteristic of your pics. But another beauty, seductive, bold, distant and arresting all at the same time. Bravo!


Just beautiful. Ritualistic as in your flower beds, realistic in that we fully understand the weight of that cloth shopping bag.


I was in fact wanting to tell you how much in my case your paintings 'remain' with me, in the sense they go deep, and I remember them for their sophistication; the layers of paint, the psychology, the presence and most importantly the essence. This is not flattery, just a fact I'm stating from my point of view.



Solo and group exhibitions


  • Galerie Bernanos, Paris 1989

  • Galerie Etienne de Causans, Paris 1990

  • Le Feste Fou, Paris 1991

  • Chapelle de l’Eglise Saint Jacques, Paris 1993

  • Two Stuckist shows with Billy Childish, Rivington Gallery, Shoreditch 2002

  • Milestones, Women’s Centre, Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford 2003

  • The Lovely Artifice of Landscape, Maison Française, Oxford 2004

  • Jill George Gallery, London, 2005

  • Every Woman Biennial, Copeland Gallery Peckham July 2021

  • Mythos Collective Exhibition, D-UNIT, Bristol 25 April – 1 May 2022

  • Windows Gallery, Fusion Arts Oxford, 1 May to 1 June 2022

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