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“Being passionate about dynamics of movement in dance is my inspiration for creating tactile, sensuous sculptures, with each piece telling its own story. I look for the underlying anatomy and transform it into harmonious, simplified forms, and strive to capture the fleeting magic.


I work in clay for the suppleness and delicacy of the medium and its willingness to be transformed into classical figures that come alive and dance across the table. When working in plaster, I use the enigmatic body of a dancer simplified in a moment of time. This medium dictates that details are eliminated so the sculpture is timeless.


My goal is to inspire those who see my work to appreciate the beauty in the people around them.”

Kathy is self taught and best known for her sculptures of simplified dancers caught in a moment of time. Born in London and living and working in Hertfordshire, UK, she works in the medium of sculpture using either clay or plaster which is predominantly cast in bronze. Kathy’s interest in the dynamics of movement in dance is the inspiration for her tactile and sensuous sculptures eclipsing all her previous passions.

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