Lin Osborn

Light Blocks 4 (50 x 50)
Light Blocks 2 (60 x 80 cm)
Light Block 1 (100 x 70cm)
Butterflies 60 x 60
Butterflies (40 x 40)

British artist Lin Osborn was born in 1955 and her painting continues to be as fresh and modern as the day she embarked on her artistic journey.  She was awarded a scholarship to the Harrow School of Art and went on to study at Surrey Institute of Art and Design,  graduating with BA Hons in Fine Art. She then attended Winchester School of Art where she obtained a Diploma in the Visual Arts.


The Light Block series plays with reflection of natural light behind a grid of mounted blocks, as if through a prism which creates an “aura” of colours in multitudinous permutations. The mathematical possibilities involved bring a sense of scientific potential in relation to the artistic and creative process – where art meets science…


The painting work is a collection of small miniatures of emotions and natural forms, creating strong evocative images. By using a variety of mixed mediums the unexpected accidents can happen which are always welcome. The images are mounted on 8.5cm square blocks and come on a white glazed box frame.

Lin Osborn’s work has sold over many years at many of the leading art fairs across the UK as well as through galleries including now Carina Haslam Art.  Her work has been purchased by Private and Public collectors alike, including establishment bodies such as the BBC and Members of the House of Commons, Westminster.

Exhibitions with Carina Haslam Art include:

2013- 2016:

Affordable Art Fair (AAF) London, Battersea and Hampstead
AAF New York
AAF Bristol
Chelsea Art Fair, London
Cambridge Art Fair
Oxford International Art Fair


Also since 2002:
Solo Exhibition, Flying Colours Gallery, London.
AAF Singapore with Byard Art Gallery, Singapore.
AAF Milan with Byard Art Gallery, Italy.         
AAF New York, with Flying Colours Gallery, London.
AAF Bristol, with Bridge Gate Gallery.
Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland.
London Art Fair with Flying Colours Gallery, London.
Glasgow Art Fair, with Flying Colours Gallery London.
AAF Battersea, with Flying Colours Gallery, London.
AAF Battersea, with, Edinburgh/Glasgow.
InsideSpace, at Selfridges, Oxford Street, London.
Edinburgh Art Fair, with Speckled Wood Gallery.
Royal West Academy, 151st Autumn Exhibition.
Cambridge Art Fair, Cambridge.
Brighton Art Fair, Brighton.
Art-In-The-City, Edinburgh.


Commissions & Awards:

Profile by BBC.
Christopher Gull Award, Brighton Art Fair.
A Member of Parliaments Office, Westminster.
Creativity Award, Borough. of  Basingstoke & Dean.
Adams & Remers, Solicitors, Lewis.
Guinea Court Dental Surgery, North Hampshire.
Landmarks Tedington, Events Leaflet.
Beatrice Royal Eastleigh, Promotional calendar.