Marion Thomson

Out to Sea, Iona
Cloud Clearing the Harris Hills
Two Peonies in a Pot
After the Storm, North Uist
Summer Flowers
Pink Peonies in a Ginger Jar
Red Tulips
The Path Through the Dunes
Pink Roses
Gerbera in a Jar
Bluebell Wood
Little Bay, Iona
Incoming Tide, North Uist
Green Vase with Sunflowers
Tide Lines, Ardnave, Islay
Running Tide, Ardnamurchan
Bright Cove, Iona
Quiet Cove, Berneray
Coastal Pinewood
Sea Storm
The Yellow Pear
Low Tide, Luskintyre, Harris
Fresh Roses
Little Beach, Harris
Roses in a Glass Jug
The Incoming Tide, Luskintyre
High Tide Hosta North Uist
Pansy Posy
Summer Surf, Iona
High Cloud Over Harris
From Luskintyre, Harris
Spring in a jar
Big Sea, Islay
Daffodils in a White Jug
Scarista View
The Beach at Northton, Harris
Garden Posy
Ebb Tide, Iona
Along the Bay, North Uist
Woodland Path
Yellow Roses
Sunlit Woods
The Wave, Iona
From the Rocks, Iona
Big Surf, North Uist
Sand and Sea, Harris
The Red Coffee Pot
Storm Sky, North Uist
Reflections, Luskintyre,
Light on Loch Lomond
Orange Lillies
Roses by the Window

Marion Thomson was born in 1958. 


The unique landscape of the Scottish west coast and its many islands have always attracted me. Each of these islands have their own character and outlook. Over the years I have walked or cycled most of them from Islay in the Southern Hebrides to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides there is a sense of something different in these islands, the pace of life and the friendly people and their lifestyle.


On the islands you can experience all the seasons in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes. Weather passes quickly and no one day starts or finishes the same as another. The quality of light here is also of a more intense nature, bouncing of a glittering sea, making the colours of the big sky,the machair and mountains seem more alive and complex.


In recent years I have made repeated trips to Islay, Iona, the Uists and Harris. It goes without saying that Iona has always been a favourite with artists and I am no exception. It has those special qualities an artist looks for, colour, light and visual interest. Mull and the smaller islands as a backdrop the ‘North End’ of Iona is a great spot to paint from. Islay is a wilder place with many lonely coastlines to intrigue the painter.


Although I spent a good few years on the Isle of Lewis working for the Gaelic drama ‘Machair’, I never made it down to the string of island that make up Eriskay, the Uists and Berneray until a couple of years ago. Endless beaches with a mountain backdrops, huge skies and a still vibrant crofting community inspire many of my paintings. From Berneray I can pop over to Harris with it's rocky landscapes and white beaches.


Equipped with paints, sketchbooks, sketching easel and camera and the hope of some varied weather, blue skies are lovely but sometimes it’s good to have a bit of a storm! I then begin gathering material that I can then take back to my studio. I will walk and cycle the coastlines stopping to sketch and paint on the way. I always visit my favourite painting spots which are many but foray into new areas to find the unexpected. I enjoy the whole experience of being there from the amazing birdlife and plants to the ancient remains of past settlements.


Back in the studio I can start distilling my material into a finished work. I prepare my own canvases in order to have a surface which I feel comfortable painting on. Working on several paintings at the one time, it can take a few weeks before I am happy with the final result. Using both palette knives and brushes in a piece and introducing layers of colour and texture as I go helps me recreate that feeling of light and colour from the islands.



1976-78  Glasgow School of Art, 1 year Foundation course, 1 year Drawing and Painting


1978-81  Glasgow University, M.A. History of Fine Art, Drama, Film and Television


1981-99  Working as Freelance Costume Designer in theatre, film and tv, painting alongside 

               Exhibited with Laing landscape competitions


1999-2000  Solo show with the Harbour Arts centre in Irvine

                   R.G.I. show in McLennan Galleries

                   Mixed winter show with  the Riverside Gallery, Stonehaven


2001  Solo show with the The Firth Gallery,Edinburgh


2002  Exhibiting with

          Mixed show with the Gold Gallery, Edinburgh

          Heinzel Gallery Christmas Show, Aberdeen

          Compass Gallery Christmas Show, Glasgow


2003  Solo show with The Compass Gallery at The House for an Art Lover, Glasgow                      

          Glasgow Art Fair, Compass Gallery

          Gold Gallery, Edinburgh                                             

          Paisley Art Institute annual exhibition

          Mansfield Gallery, Glasgow, West End Festival, Landscape Exhibition

          Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen, Summer Show

          Compass Gallery,Cabinet paintings

          Compass Gallery , Winter Show

          Heinzel Gallery, Winter Show

          Mansfield Gallery, Winter Show

 Winter Show


2004  Glasgow Art Fair, Mansfield Gallery

          Heinzel Gallery, Summer Show

          Mansfield Gallery, Landscape Show

          Scotlandart Glasgow Group Show

          Scotlandart Edinburgh Group Show    

          Compass gallery Winter Show

          Heinzel Gallery Winter Show

          Mansfield Gallery Winter Show

 Winter Show 


2005, Glasgow Art Fair

 group exhibition ‘Sail Away’

          Summer exhibition, Mansfield Gallery

          Summer exhibition, Gallery Heinzel

          Exhibiting with Thompson’s Marylebone, London

          Edinburgh Art Fair with

          Dublin Art Fair with

          Compass, Winter Show

          Heinzel Winter Show

, Winter Show


2006  Blackheath Gallery, London, Mixed Show

          Thompson’s Marleybone, London, Scottish Show

, Modern Scottish Landscapes, two person show  

          Mansefield Park Gallery, 8x8 mixed show

          Karen Taylor Fine Art / mixed show, London

          Gallery One / mixed show, Sussex

          Edinburgh Art Fair,

          Lillie Art Gallery, Milngavie Christmas Show

          Smithy Gallery, Strathblane Christmas Show

 Christmas Show




2007  Smithy Gallery ‘Out of the Mist’ group show

          Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition

          Kranenburg FineArt, Oban Summer Show    

          Thompson’s Marleybone

          Smithy Gallery, Summer Show

          Tolquhon Gallery, Ellon, Summer Show

          Smithy Gallery Autumn Show

          Scotlandart Christmas Show

          Smithy Gallery Winter Show

          RGI Annual Show

          Lime Tree Gallery, Old Melford “Caledonia”

          Red Rag Gallery, The Scottish Show

          Smithy Xmas Show



2009  ‘Warming Up’ Smithy Gallery

          Spring Exhibition Smithy Gallery

          Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition

          The Affordable Art Show Smithy Gallery

          ‘Aqua’ Scotlandart

          ‘Ship to Shore’ Scotlandart

          Aspect Prize 2009 show

          The Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol, Water, Water

          Scotlandart Christmas Show

          Smithy Gallery Christnas Show

          Ealain Gallery Christmas Show



2010  Smithy Gallery ‘Affordable Art Show’

          Smithy Gallery Spring Show

          Paisley Art Institute Annual Exhibition

          Lime Tree Gallery ‘Highlands and Islands’

          Red Rag Gallery ‘Scottish Show’

          Kranenburg Fine Art Summer Show

          Scotlandart Christmas Show

          Smithy Gallery Christmas Show

          Lime Tree Winter Show



2011  Affordable Art Show Smithy Gallery

          Postcard Exhibition Scotland Art

          ‘Caledonia’ Scotlandart

          Summer Show Smithy Art Gallery

          Tolqhoun Gallery Summer Show

          Lime Tree Gallery Bristol Summer Show

          Smithy Gallery Christmas Show

          Lime tree Christmas Show

          Tolqhoun Gallery Christmas Show



2012  Postcard Exhibition

          Affordable Art Show Smithy Gallery

          Summer Show Lime Tree Gallery

          Summer Show Heinzel Gallery

          Summer Show Tolqhoun Gallery

          Winter Show Lime Tree Gallery

2012  Christmas Show Tolqhoun Gallery

          Winter Show Smithy Gallery

          Christmas Show Heinzel Gallery

          Christmas Show The Gatehouse Gallery


2013  Affordable Art Fair Smithy Gallery

          Glasgow School of Art Alumni

          Heinzel Galery Summer Show

          Smithy Gallery Summer Show

          Lime Tree Gallery ‘Water, Water’    

          Macmillan Cancer Research Auction, Bonhams, Edinburgh

 Christmas Show    

          Smithy Gallery Affordable Art Show

          Lime Tree Gallery Christmas Show



2014  Chelsea Art Fair with Lime Tree Gallery

          Affordable Art Exhibition, Smithy Gallery

          May Array Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

          Spring Exhibition Tolquhon Gallery

          Summer Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel

          Summer Exhibition, Lime Tree Gallery, Old Melford

          Summer Exhibition, Lime Tree Gallery, Bristol

          Summer Exhibition,

          Macmillan Cancer Support exhibition at Bonhams, Edinburgh

          ‘The Lonely Sea and the Sky’, Tolquhon Gallery

          Christmas Exhibition, Tolquhon Gallery

          Winter Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel

          Christmas Show, Fotheringham Gallery


2015  25th Anniversary Summer Show, Gallery Heinzel

          Still Life Exhibition, Fotheringham Gallery                            

          Lime Tree Gallery, Summer Exhibition

          Summer Exhibition, Tolquhon Gallery

          Summer Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel


          Christmas Exhibition, Lime Tree Gallery

          Winter Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel

          Christmas Exhibition, Tolquhon Gallery


2016  Spring Exhibition, Tolquhon Gallery

          ‘Colour’, Lime Tree Gallery

          ‘12 Scottish Artists’, Lime Gallery

          Summer Exhibition, Tolquhon Gallery

          Summer Exhibition, Gallery Heinzel

          Summer Group Show, Leiper Gallery

          The Affordable Art Show, Smithy Gallery

          Art for Care, Marie Curie

          Autumn Show, The Green Gallery