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Samantha was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1988. It was during her final year of studying Art and Design at The University in Leeds that she discovered her love for painting. Since graduating, she has developed her own unique style, adapting this to a wide range of artwork.

Her art practice is dependent on the integration of artistic elements; colour, texture, line and shape. Painting for Samantha is about experimentation and ‘happy accidents’. She is not concerned with the exact representation of an image but rather how the paint reacts on the canvas and the effect produced. The paint almost becomes the ‘theme’ itself. The main themes I explore are; floral, landscape and abstract. There is a real physical engagement within her work which allows Samantha to express my painterly qualities.

Samantha works from original photographs and still lifes, but mainly enjoys painting from her imagination. She often begins by creating spontaneous marks and from these marks, she builds up the paint on the canvas with the use of  gestural and instinctive brush strokes. She takes inspiration from the world around her;  from fabulous countries she has visited, the colour and texture of a flower and simply the mind’s eye!'

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