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Based in Cambridge, Stephanie has developed her practice through a lifetime’s interest in the work of other artists and attending short courses and working with other painters. She has spent many long breaks in Cornwall where she explored the landscape and attended St Ives School of Art and Paul Wadsworth’s courses.  Since retiring, 10 years ago, she has been able to pursue and develop  her work with more freedom.

Stephanie’s  work is mostly of loved landscapes and treasured objects. Her partner is a potter and runs a large shared studio. It is here that she finds much if her inspiration for her still life compositions. Many of her still life paintings feature loved and familiar objects and work by potters she knows.Inspired by artists like Matisse, Morandi and Scott, Stephanie’s still life paintings are studies in shape, pattern, space and colour. Using muted and pastel colours and with a disregard for perspective and scale, she seeks to satisfy the eye rather than the brain.


Stephanie favours working in oils, building up layers of colour and texture and using  line, incision  and scratching  to give definition, depth and texture. She is exploring ways of developing her aesthetic into a fresh approach to landscape painting.

She has exhibited successfully at a number of galleries and exhibitions in the East of England.

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