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A Danish ceramist, painter and sculptor, Tove Bowyer has spent about half her life in London, with her main workshop here, although she still regularly visits Denmark and exhibits there. 

Working mostly in alabaster and soapstone, Tove has at intervals communicated themes through her sculptures about the straightjackets” of this world, such as orthodox religion, ageism and the impact of over-population. These were made in stoneware and bronze.

These days Tove works mainly in alabaster and soapstone, both malleable for detail, as she prefers to create a highly polished flowing look involving many hours of fine sanding.


From 2000 Tove featured as gallery artist at Gallerihuset in Copenhagen, a premier gallery with well known artists from all over the world where she took part in all of their shows, and had sculptures on display until the owner’s demise in 2012.

A strong advocate of recycling and conservation, Tove also practises service and skill exchanges: she has traded her art for holidays, for a luxury residential birthday gift, with donations to charity (Guide Dogs for the Blind), and to support fundraising for her daughter’s environmental film. Of course she is keen to keep up sales of her work via the conventional routes and continues to sell via galleries mainly in Denmark and the UK.

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